Elected representatives unjustified pay rise.

While living standards plumet for the majority in society, The elected representatives in parliament award themselves £1000 pay rise !! which futher distances them from the experiences of ordinary workers and their families,Who have had to suffer years of no pay increases and massive cuts to social benefits .It appears to me that MPs are being rewarded for implementing austerity policies on behalf of the super rich bankers and the city spivs who where the cause of the economic crash in 2008 due to their greed and incompetence.The race to the bottom has to end workers have had enough of austerity.Labour have promised a minimum wage of £10 an hour and an end to zero hours contracts ,with over 1 million workers especialy the young being totaly exploited by these employers ,the gig economy with virtually no employment rights whatsoever and big company,s like Amazon and Sports direct having appalling pay and working conditions while making huge profits.We need MPs who will fight to end this exploitation.Labour,s candidates should be prepared to accept the average wage of the workers they represent plus proven expenses veted by the labour movement,and the right of recall to ensure they are fully accountable to the electorate who put them in office.

Frank Bowen April 2017


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