MERSEYSIDE PENSIONERS ’ ASSOCIATION Media Release – Wednesday 19 April 2017

                                                                                                           MERSEYSIDE PENSIONERS’ ASSOCIATION (MPA)
The following statement was agreed by the MPA at its meeting today, 19 April 2017.
This MPA regards the general election called for June 8 2017 as an opportunity to get rid of the Tory government once and for all. 
We call on Jeremy Corbyn to fight the election on the policies which propelled him to the leadership.
We call on him to continue to fight for
  1. The complete public ownership of the NHS
  2. The nationalisation of rail, energy, the Post Office as the first step of moving toward socialism
  3. Support for a crash council house building programme
  4. The repeal of the Tory anti-trade union legislation
  5. The retention of the triple lock to protect pensions
We call for the organisation of mass rallies throughout the country, beginning in Liverpool, to mobilise maximum support for a Corbyn victory. This will be essential to combat the poisonous anti-Corbyn media campaign which will take place. 
We also declare that those Blairite MPs who continue to undermine Jeremy’s leadership will be acting as agents of the Tory government and will be guilty of treachery to the working class.

We resolve to apply all our energies to ensure a Corbyn victory.


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