Polster’s Got It Wrong

The opinion polls have the Tories well ahead ,but this is their role to cause doubt and confusion amongst the voters,But these polls have been proven wrong on many occasions and in a lot of cases pure fiction.When you examine the reality of huge anger in large sections of working and middle class people who have suffered years of austerity you get a better idea of how people intend to vote.The junior doctors bitter dispute over contracts and the teachers proposed action over education cuts is a far more accurate barometer than the polls.The mass influx of people particularly the young into the Labour party about 400,000 who want an end to austerity elected Corbyn with massive majorities on two occasions making Labour the biggest party in Europe!! this is also a better indicator of what people want. Corbyn has promised a break with austerity which is gaining mass support,the media are fulminating at the prospect of a Corbyn led Labour government coming to power committed to introducing a minimum wage of £10 an hour ,the scrapping of zero hours contracts ,a mass council house building programme,scrapping tuition fees and a decent living grant for our young students,an end to welfare cuts for the disabled and the poorest in society. The only people to fear a Corbyn victory are those who have gained so much from the Tories and th  ats  the rich 1% who have gained by the tax cuts,and then the rest of us who have had nothing but cuts and more cuts,to our services,our pay and conditions in the race to the bottom. Its time we had a government for the Millions and not the Millionaires. 

Frank Bowen (letter to the Liverpool Echo) 25/4/17


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