Safety on our trains

Is it to much to ask that the Labour  MPs of this city get behind the campaign by  the RMT union to keep the safety critical guards on our trains ? The silence is deafaning !! Luis Ellerman who is on the governments transport committe has not to my knowledge shown any kind of support for the campaign to keep the guards,which i am sure a lot of her constituants will be alarmed at who use the trains,and the public in general who do support it. Luciana Berger my MP also hasn't given any support to these workers which is a disgrace. We put these MPs in parliament to fight for our us and to defend and improve working peoples lives !! The election for Metro Mayor is in May and i have just received communications from Steve Rotheram who is Labours candidate in the election again no mention of the guards fight to protect the public on our trains,which begs the question why not ? The only Metro candidate to give full support to the RMT in their struggle to keep the guards on the trains is Roger Banister who is standing for the Trade Union & Socialist Coalition [TUSC ] Roger has shown over many years his ability to defend workers rights and fighting against public sector cuts which are destroying our communities.

Frank Bowen 9th April 2017 (letter to the Liverpool Echo)


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