Sue Lee hit the nail on the head with her view on taking kids out of school in term time (Echo 8 April 2017) which is in the main driven by the pressure on household expenditure. 
During the debate in the media, with erudite educational ‘experts’ stating the obvious that the practice disrupts the educational rhythm of the classroom so should be prohibited, I can’t recall a single ‘expert’ criticizing the rip-off being perpetrated by the travel companies who charge top bat during the school holiday period. This drives parents to look for the option, particularly during a period of Tory cuts and wage freeze, which they can afford. 
Sue poses the question: shouldn’t action be taken against the travel companies to stop this profit-driven rip-off? The answer is a resounding yes. Instead of government ministers riding their high horses and talking about parental irresponsibility, they should be tackling the irresponsibility of the travel companies and introduce immediate legislation to outlaw the excessive charges of the school holiday period. The operators will claim that it would result in the bankruptcy of the industry. In that case a future socialist government should promise to take the mega operators into public ownership.  

Tony Mulhearn, April 2017


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