Transfer of wealth

In a recent report by the resolution foundation into the "reforms" by former chancellor George Osborne ,the richest in society will gain 80% from the tax and benefit changes,ie 2 billion income tax cuts and 1 billion welfare cuts.Teresa Mays speech in July made specific pledges to help the poorest in society and she said " A government in the interests of everyone not just the privileged few" By 2020 the benefit cuts will amount to 12 Billion  a year .Showing clearly who the Tories represent ,big tax cuts for their big business friends and benefit cuts for the rest . A few examples will prove the point .A single parent with a baby earning 17,300 will lose 610 in benefits and a tax cut of 80 pounds so a net loss of 530 pounds.A middle income couple earning 35,500 with three children including a baby will lose 2,700 in benefits cuts and gain 160 pounds tax cut ,so about a nett loss of 2,500.So can any one be in any doubt that this government governs in the interests of the privileged few. Jeremy Corbyn was elected to office by a mass movement wanting an end to austerity in all its forms , he can gain mass support if he is prepared to put clear bold socialist policies on the agenda to improve the lives of the majority of ordinary people.

Frank Bowen 9th April 2017 (letter to the Liverpool Echo)


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