End Austerity

This government of the rich has to be removed in the June election .They have presided over a massive transfer of wealth from the working people of this country to their paymasters in big business, in the form of corporation tax cuts,and their abject failure to recover the billions of unpaid taxes from the global corporations,who pay little or no tax on their profits made in this country. Corbyn’s reforms will be welcomed by millions of people who have seen their living standards plummet under this government and the previous coalition with the Lib Dems ,but also one has to say the Blair Brown governments also. The millions who have suffered are looking for an alternative to austerity and if Corbyn sticks to policies that will improve the lives of the majority then he can win. If Labours manifesto commits to providing a minimum wage of at least £10 an hour, and ends the zero hours contracts with guaranteed hours of work and decent conditions for all, A mass housebuilding programme of a million houses for an affordable rent with a guarantee of tenure to end the deplorable housing shortage, An end to the nightmare of tuition fees at all levels of education and a decent living grant for our young people,Fully funding our NHS which is facing £ 20 billions worth of cuts by 2020 with hospital closures and A&E cuts potentially leading to the deaths of patients having to go to hospitals further afield.The £6 billion cuts to the social care budget that has created the lack of care home places and care packages so that patients can be discharged from hospital and go home where they want to be.The charity "skills for care" has reported that 900 care workers left the industry every day last year !! due to low pay and poor working conditions,this has got to end.Our education system is also facing huge cuts which will mean loss of teachers so bigger class sizes and reduced curriculum,thats why thousands of newly qualified teachers are leaving the profession or going to other countries,what a waste of talent we need to stop this now.There are many other issues that need to be resolved but it all boils down to the need to put the interests  of the majority before the greed of the few .Teresa May will always look after the few at the expense of the many.

Frank Bowen 3/5/17 


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