For the many

The victriolic letter by "regular labour voter"23/5/17 .Has totally ignored the fact that Corbyn was overwhelmingly elected by over 68% of Labour party members on two occasions within a year so you could hardly call 68% of half a million members a "cabal" . And when you consider that the Labour party is now the biggest political party in Europe which was due to the anti austerity policies which Corbyn has advocated. The anti semetic slur in the letter does not stand up to any serious scrutiny,no Labour party members have been charged with being anti semitic,and to sugest that the Corbyn leadership in any way is covering up is ridiculous and false to the core. This is a red herring designed to undermine the chances of a Corbyn victory which has "outpourings" in the tory media and from those in the labour movement who have never accepted his leadership from the outset.Corbyn,s modest reforms in the fifth richest country on the planet are easily affordable  and will benefit millions of people.And the more the electorate hear what the policies are then the surge for Corbyn will grow,the polls have gone from 23% lead for the Tories now down to single figures.Now that the Tory manifesto has been launched it is crystal clear that May intends to continue with austerity for the many,The triple lock on pensions removed which means pensions wont keep pace with inflation,so even poorer pensioners.The introduction of means test for fuel allowances with probably 10 million elderly losing out,only those on the lowest 10% on pension credits will survive it !! so how many will be forced to make the "choice' between Heat or Eat ? The u-turn on social care within 4 days of the manifesto shows a government running scarred,but the tragety is that elderly people and their families will have to pay for social care whether at home or in care homes.May has gone even further than Thatcher by scrapping free school meals for primary school children in the first three years of their education !! A clear choice in the June election a or a continuation of a government commited to austerity and misery for the many for the benefit of the few rich elite.

Frank Bowen ........May 2017


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