Kids go hungry

The Echo article on the scandal of mersey kids going hungry [27/4/17 ] can be repeated in most urban areas and in fact rural areas of Britain today.This is just one example of a failed economic system that has put the interests of the rich before the needs of the many. What is required is a living wage for all whether working or not.Nearly 6 million working people have to claim income support because they are on the minimum wage,or zero hours contracts or both,which in reality is a massive subsidy to big business from the exchequer.By contrast the boss of Astra Zenica has just been awarded a 68% increase in his salary taking his earnings up to £17 million a year. And when you look at the global situation you find according to an Oxfam report that 8 billionaires have more wealth than 3billion poorest people on the planet !! . If we are to end this dreadful inequality in the world then we need an economic system based on the needs of the majority.And that means a socialist society where the profits created by the many are used for the benefit of all .

Frank Bowen 3/5/17


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