" left wing " socialist policies are not old fashioned, are just what's needed!!!!

A number of your recent correspondents have intimated that " left wing " socialist policies are old hat or out of date for modern times. Far from being dated they actualy correspond to the needs of the many at this time of mass austerity. A decent living wage for all of at least £10 an hour,an end to exploitive working conditions such as the zero hours contracts with over 1 million workers being affected,an end to the pay cap for public sector workers who have seen their living standards falling over the past seven years ,with many of them having to rely on income support and plenty having to rely on food banks to survive. The need to end the housing crisis by building a million houses at affordable rents and guarantee secure tenure,instead of capping benefits rents should be capped and the money going to  subsidise weathy landlords would be used to build  those houses.The scrapping of tuition fees with a living grant for our young people at all levels has to be implemented,why should this generation not have the same free education as the previous one ?Our NHS has to be fully funded,the Tories have planned to cut over £20 billion from the NHSby 2020 !! which will mean closures and cuts to A&Es and other vital services including., mental health.The social care crisis  created by this governments cuts to local authorities has led to our hospitals being unable to discharge patients,because care homes are closing and care packages are not available.Corbyn has put forward some decent policies to address these issues and he will gain mass support from all those who have been affected by them The "modernisers" represent the past the socialists represent the future,those who have lost the most will fight the hardest for change.


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