May-hems policies- like ripping innocent foxes apart

How strange is it that Theresa May claims to be a strong and stable leader yet she has to revert to old policies for this election and those policies aren't even conservative in nature. It was ed miliband who attempted to put a cap on energy prices.
This is why Corbyn's socialist policies are not only more thought through, but they have domino effects which will help the economy and put money back into people's pockets. Further still, Corbyn could take the energy sector into public ownership and keep the profits in this country while areas like education, social care and emergency service could do with much needed investment.
  It's only May-hems policies which take us back in time with her policies like ripping innocent foxes apart, and that would in fact take us back to the 1870's!

Neill Dunn,  May 2017


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