Who is Charles Clarke?

BBC ‘flagship’ programme Newsnight revealed its anti-Corbyn desperation by giving free marketeer and Iraq-war defender ex-Blairite Home Secretary Charles Clarke a platform to attack Jeremy Corbyn over his so-called ‘politicising’ of the Manchester catastrophe. How they tracked Clarke down remains a mystery as he is the invisible man of British politics, but the use of the tax-payers resources is unlimited when it comes to attacking JC. This is precisely the time when serious analysis is required to identify the why and the how such a dehumanised monster has been resourced and trained to inflict such horror on the innocents. Naturally, Blairite Labour MPs, Farron and the Tories have joined in the condemnation of JC. They fear their role in reckless Middle East interventions and their protection of the brutal regime of Saudi Arabia which nurtures terrorism will be exposed. They will become more desperate as the polls show the gap narrowing between Jeremy and May.

Tony Mulhearn May 2017


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