The Guardian’s article on Knowsley being savaged by Tory cuts is an important point to raise. However, the main underlying issues aren't raised by Polly Toynbee, who supports the Blairite wing of the Labour party.
By Neill Dunne, Socialist Party member in Knowsley.

Knowsley has been hit hard (perhaps hardest), but everywhere has. The borough is one of only three in the country to not offer A-levels, the other two being the bankers’ City of London and the barren Scilly Isles! This loss of A-Levels provision is down to financial decisions, i.e. cutbacks. 
Eight years ago, there were about a dozen institutions offering tertiary education, with £159 million pumped into it via PFI. The result today is complete acadamisation of the area’s secondary education. 
I'm assuming Toynbee's assumption that the borough loves right-wing Knowsley MP George Howarth is born out of voting figures, but that couldn’t be further from the views of those residents who step into my taxi! 
After taking on the Tory governments for decades, the post war revolt in the Mersey area against Tory decision makers has been passed down from generation to generation. 
The vote for Howarth is not because he works for us, it's been because the Tories don't, and so a small minority of voters in the borough re-elect a Labour MP who does virtually zero campaigning and votes to bomb Syria while doing so little to relieve frustrations. 
The local Labour vote at this year’s general election will be in spite of Howarth and instead, for Corbyn's Socialist policies, as working-class people will hope these are a return to Labour’s more left-wing policies of the past, including the fighting Liverpool city council of the 1980s.


Neill Dunne


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