Killer Cuts!!!

The neo liberal agenda of Tory and new Labour governments over the past period has seen the wholesale destruction of public sector jobs,which has been brought into sharp focus by the devastating fire in Grenfell tower in London.The health and safety executive have been cut to the bone,the London fire brigade has lost over 5000 firefighters,the architects and clerk of works departments have been eliminated,they used to ensure that refurbishments where carried out to the highest standards of materials and safe working practices to keep us all safe.This is the Market for the benefit of the 1% minimal regulation no health and safety getting in the way of maximising profits for the fat cats.It is criminal that nobody took any notice of the residents who forwarned the management of their fears of an impending catastroph due to a lack of fire alarms ,emergency lighting and other concerns about fire hazards,in fact the chairman of the residents and others had been threatned with eviction if they didnt stop complaining !! It appears that most of the £8 million spent on the refurb in 2016 went on the cosmetic cladding on the outside of the building,which has been the main reason why the fire was not contained on the fourth floor where the fire started. The tragic deaths of so many people in a fire which was totally avoidable had the fire proof cladding been used,which would have cost an estimated £5000 more !! The raw anger shown by the local people is totally understandable.But it also shows the wider iniqualities that prevail under capitalism where muti millionares live cheek by jowel with some of the poorest people in soceity.Your correspondent Janos Pflancer refers to the 'Marxists' in liverpool in the seventies in a disparaging way and yet those councillors who asked the tennants of the high rise blocks what they wanted to happen to their flats,the tennants responded ,saying we want them pulled down and proper houses built,And thats what happened 5000 houses and bungalows built to a very high standard with gardens back and front ,and they are still there today for anyone to see.

Frank Bowen June 2017 


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