Letter to the editor of FT

Sir, shortly after Jeremy Corbyn was first elected as leader of the opposition, Jim Pickard sought the opinions of Labour Party advisers and aides (“Jeremy Corbyn begins task of appointing UK shadow cabinet”, FT, Sept 13, 2015). “I’m f***ed, you’re f***ed, we’re all f***ed,” replied one adviser. This reply was included in an early online edition of Pickard’s article, but later removed. 

If Jeremy Corbyn manages to defy the odds later this week and becomes Prime Minster, I suggest that Jim Pickard track down the Labour Party adviser he spoke to in September 2015. The adviser will need to be consoled. It will be fitting if a member of the business class provides the shoulder to cry on.   

Should Corbyn win, real people in Labour Party will empowered. And we can’t be bought.  

Alex Smith 
(Liverpool Momentum Executive)



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