My first General Election

This is the first General Election I have been able to vote. I therefore believed it was important to look into what each of the parties were offering and which ones falls closest to my beliefs.

The level of abuse has shocked me that each of the other parties have directed towards Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Labour Party. From leaflets that are 'appalled' by his dress sense to vicious attacks on something that have been proven to be lies, the hatred of one man appears to have no boundaries.

Perhaps what is just as shocking is that newspapers, radio and TV stations continue to report this pointless personal smear campaign as 'news'. You wonder why young people don't vote? Stop treating us like idiots. This election is too important to be decided on personalities like some reality TV contest. If the media continues on this path of trivialising the issues and aiming its coverage to the lowest levels they risk becoming an irrelevance.

Personally I will cast my vote for a political party that has a programme to answer the injustices that I have grown up with. We live in one of the richest countries in the world where multi billion pound companies who make their wealth employing people on zero hours contracts and exist side by side with pensioners being forced to used food banks and where a family member is forced to remain in hospital for weeks because there are no community nurses. I will vote for a party that will abolish tuition fees so that I wont have a debt of over £30,000 when I study Nutrition and Dietetics at university, which will enable me to work in the NHS and help others. I will vote for a party that does not seek to divide our communities through fear and threats.

I will ignore the hate and I urge everyone to use their vote based on who offers a vision to them of a better and fairer way of running our society.

Aaron Humphreys


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