Stunning Result

Labours election result with 40% of the poll,shows beyond any doubt that socialist policies have gained mass support amongst large sections of the working and middle class,and that austerity has been rejected and is no longer "inevitable" As socialists have always said it was a political choice by the tories and by new labour,that the 99% would be made to pay for the economic crisis that was not of their making.May has lost any legitamacy she might have had and is now looking to form a government of chaos with the sectarian DUP. The Blairites have continued to sabotage and attack the socialist policies in the manifesto which received overwhelming support and in fact refused to campaign for them!! but iroicaly they have regained their seats under the Labour brand with the surge of support for anti  austerity policies provided by Corbyn and Mc donald. Those who are not prepared to accept and fight for these policies no longer have any credability and should be subject to madatory reselection by their costituancy members who should have the right to elect who they wish to represent them .

Frank Bowen  June 2017


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