The MPA congratulates Jeremy Corbyn

The following was passed unanimously by the Merseyside Pensioners Association

Motion for submission to MPA

The MPA congratulates Jeremy Corbyn on leading Labour to a stunning General Election result. Labour’s 40% share of the poll demonstrates the popularity of socialist policies and reflects the explosion in awareness, particularly amongst the youth, that the austerity suffered by the 99% is no longer ‘inevitable’ and has been rejected. The gigantic con trick of ‘necessary austerity’ while those who caused the crisis continue to enrich themselves has been rumbled.

We support Jeremy and his allies’ decision to continue to mobilise their growing support in preparation for the next general election. We believe this should include calling on their allies in the TUC, particularly the RMT, UNITE, the PCS, the Bakers Union, the POA and other militant unions, to organise a mass ‘TORIES OUT’ national demonstration against austerity and in defence of the NHS as soon as possible.

We recognise that the Teresa May has lost all legitimacy which will be emphasised with the proposed coalition of chaos with the ultra-sectarian DUP.

Recognising that some Blairite MPs will continue to sabotage the socialist programme being advocated by Corbyn, we call for the Labour Party membership to be empowered to implement the re-selection process in every constituency to enable the membership to select the candidate of their choice.

Copies to be sent to Jeremy Corbyn, the trade unions mentioned, Liverpool TUC and Regional TUC and Frances O’Grady.

Tony Mulhearn June 2017


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