Democracy in the PLP

Mr Ashworths letter{we vote for MPs 23/06/17 } is right in one respect that voters decide who is elected as their MP. But the point is that those up for election have a duty to campaign for the manifesto which the leadership puts before the electorate. This clearly did not happen within the Labour party as many areas Wales and large parts of Scotland and England refused to campaign for the manifesto or even mention the leaders name!! in fact some Labour MPs on the right engaged in outright sabotage even encouraging voters to vote Lib Dem !!. Corbyn was overwhelmingly elected by 68% of party members on two occasions within a year on an anti austerity ticket with a party membership of nearly 700,000 which is the latest figure. In actual fact the party is now two party,s in one those who support the discredited Blairite right wing ,mainly the PLP and councillors who have carried out the tory cuts without a whimper.And then you have the massed ranks of the party who have transformed Labour into an anti austerity party at base with the most left wing manifesto since 1945 !! which corresponded to the needs of the working and middle class voters who want policies that will improve their lives.The reality is that those who refused to campaign did so in the hope that he would suffer a massive defeat and they hoped that they would be able to remove him as leader as they have been trying to do from day one. They should face re-selection as they no longer have any credibility amongst the workers that they are supposed to represent.

Frank Bowen 


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