Knowsley council cuts programme hit an all time low.....

So education chiefs have abandoned plans to bring back A-level provision into the borough of Knowsley, based on the lack of demand for it! What an absolute capitalist crisis and scandal!
So the 'education commission' founded with a £1 million fund last year has decided that they'll do nothing! As a Knowsley resident I am insulted by this contemptible decision.
The demise and decline of education standards in this borough is partly due to the sheer ignorance to the facts while this New Labour, Tory-light council, wilfully allow the constituency to be a petri-dish for experiments of private funding initiatives and failed ideas and has impacted so heavily that is top and bottom of the negative education tables, rankings and leagues in the U.K.

Knowsley Council claim, “The commission will oversee a process of change to speed up improvements in educational standards”.   This has shown, once again, Tory governance ends in U-turn after promising to "bring back A-levels for the start of term, September 2017".
This is a prime example to how New Labour and the Conservatives are in their element inflicting cuts like these to another important issue like education. These councillors don’t want to try any other ideas and proves that they don’t have any compassion blaming austerity as the reason when they should really be making a stand and fighting for the residents, instead proving to be weak.
 Knowsley Council have implemented acadamisation and it is on them that this has sold the public out to PFI-run schools with high interest, the main focus for the council rather than the educational needs of students.
Students in Knowsley have had their career/life prospects diminished, dramatically with now the only hope for many, if not all students, to be the hope their parents will pay for their travel costs after the tory government got rid of the EMA (education maintenance allowance), which was a small payment to subsidise travel costs.

It has also become known that Knowsley council adult social care service could also be privatised under an evaluation of how the service is run.
Are the services which the most vulnerable have found a huge help, really that unnecessary that we can cut funding to it or give away to private provision?
In a period where there are huge efforts to offload services to the private sector while also being able to cut corporation tax for these huge companies suggests the argument about funds being scarce are baseless and disingenuous.
The council is claiming that hundreds of jobs are at risk while also stating that the service may be privatised. This is no coincidence. Knowsley council has already made £15 million of cuts this year alone while upping council tax by 4.99% in their budget which saw these council officials patting themselves on the back after delivering this callous savagery upon some of the hardest hit residents in the U.K. from tory austerity.
So now, they want to target the service which helps over 18's who, for a variety of reasons, can't look after themselves and may have learning or physical disabilities, mental health support needs and which also helps over 65's who have become unable to help themselves.
So, if it isn't Tories who target the poorest and most vulnerable, it is New Labour in places like Knowsley who pass these cuts when other options are available like setting needs led, legal budgets.
The money held over in the bank by Labour councils, “reserves”, totals well over £1 billion. That should be pooled to help resist austerity, including in small local authorities like Knowsley which face some of the worst cuts. But Knowsley Labour can't manage to resist £15 million worth of cuts.
The only answer for Knowsley residents when it is such a strong Labour-held seat, is to deselect all the Blairite (cut-making) councillors with a change of course, demanded from the top/Corbyn to Knowsley Labour. A Corbyn-led government could then reverse all the cuts they’ve made. The Borough of Knowsley cannot wait for its Labour councillors to complete its cuts programme, this is why the Socialist Party, will continue to fight for the residents and offer an actual opposition to this failing course, right now.


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