Brexit U-Turn

Who does Keir Starmer speak for when he advocates staying in the single market and the customs union ? At the general election Labours position was to honour the referendum vote for brexit which entailed leaving the single market and the customs union. People voted to leave as a protest against the "establishment" but also and more importantly because the the EU has carried out neo liberal policies ie privatisation of public services austerity in driving down wages and conditions of the working class in a race to the bottom with the super exploitation of migrant workers,the Greek workers and middle class have been trampled into the dust.When all said and done the EU is about maximising the profits of the big corporations at the expense of the 99% with lower living standards ,the gig economy and the zero hours contracts are symtoms of this.its certainly not about raising the living standards of ordinary workers. Labours manifesto which included nationalisation of the railways post office and energy companys which was so popular with the electorate would in fact be illegal under EU law !! Jeremy Corbyn should make it clear that Starmer was  speaking in a personel capacity and that he has no mandate to change policy and should in fact be sacked forthwith. 

Frank Bowen August 2017 


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