Fake Consultation

Health bosses in previous Echo reports have said that they dont know where the money would come from to build a new womens hospital {this hospital is only twenty years old} and the "experts" in the recent Echo article have repeated the same that they do not have the funding for a new hospital !! It appears to me that they intend to close the womens hospital for financial reasons and not for any clinical reasons as they have never been able to provide the public with the figures that could justify any consideration for such a move. The proposed new "consultation" will be a sham as the last one was ,just a box ticking exercise with the questions skewed in favour of the "experts" After the last "consutation"  the campaign to keep the womens open was able to inform the general public of the real cost cutting exercise that was taking place and that the proposed move was financial and not clinical need.It was this campaign waged over the year that forced the management to offer alternatives to the proposed move. One of those alternatives was 40 million new investment to improve the hospital with an ICU on site and better staff ratios more midwives nurses ect. this practical option would be the best ,and would build on the already excellent hospital that has world recognition for its pioneering work .We should demand that the labour and trade union movement with the real experts the doctors nurses midwives, draw up the plan,and reject the the cost cutting plans of the ‘experts"


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