What now for the Liverpool Woman's Hospital ?

 Plans to “move” the Liverpool Women’s Hospital might be about to be announced; or they might not. This is a long limbo. Meanwhile fundamental changes are being planned for the whole maternity service in the UK, and Merseyside and Cheshire are “early adopters” of these changes. So in all this confusion think of two big issues; what’s happening to the Liverpool Women’s Hospital and what’s happening to maternity services? They are equally important.
(Of course behind it all, is the crisis in the NHS as plans to shift it to a privatised cut back model continue)
Normally we think of the main players being the Liverpool Women’s Hospital Trust, the CCGs and the Local Authorities but now we have two more players the NHS early adopters Maternity Review Vanguard (NHS Early Adopters in Maternity Services – Cheshire and Merseyside) and the Sustainability and Transformation Boards.

7pm Unite office is important for activists to attend?


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