Health Cuts

The tory 'health" minister Jeremy Hunt is visiting Liverpool this week to address the GPs annual conference ,he and his government are commited to cutting £20 billion from the health care budget which will include GPs and their practices which is part of the so called sustainability and transformation plans.Here on merseyside that is £2 billions worth of cuts.With hospitals being merged onto single sites with job losses and fragmentation of services our womens hospital is to"move" ie to close with no finance to build a new one it is now obvious to all that maternity services are going to be squezed into some small unit at the new royal site as part of these cuts,while it looks like the current hospital is going to be sold to a private provider !! The tories policy is to introduce a two tier health service based on the American model which will ensure that people who can afford private medical insurance will get good health care while the rest will be left with whats available after all the cuts which will be a minimal basic service.The CCGs {clinical commisioning groups} are the vehicle for carrying out Hunts plans to implement these cuts.The recent scandal of CCG bosses awarding themselves huge pay rises while cutting £1.5 million of cuts to support services is nausiating.The tories have never accepted the fundamental principal of the NHS to provide the full range of care to all those that need it.This government has no mandate to continue the destruction of our vital services.they cling to power only with the £10 billion bribe to the DUP in northern ireland after shaking the money tree.which showed the money is there.What is needed is a determined struggle by working class people ,The TUC should be coordinating national action including a one day stoppage and demonstration as a first step in the campaign to defeat the tory plans. and could end this governments reign.
Frank Bowen 


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