Keep the Guards on the Trains, Saturday campaign stall L,pool city centre meet at bottom of Bold S

Saturday   campaign stall  L,pool city centre   meet at bottom of Bold S , L,pool city centre  12 noon to 3.00pm to support RMT trade union in its call to 'Keep the Guards on the Trains'
 Disgracefully, BUT, as one would expect from a Labour controlled transport authority, Merseytravel still intend to do away with guards on trains across the Merseyside region.        'Official' Labour Party policy is opposed to Driver Only Operation on trains.    Public polls have consistently shown very large opposition to removing guards from trains!       We all know too well, of course, that Labour MPs, mayors and councillors consider that they are accountable to no one but themselves! 
    Also support Royal Mail workers right to strike against anti trade union laws!
            See attached leaflets for fuller info     


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