On the Buses

Arriva drivers in Runcorn staged a 100% walk out today in support of their fight for a living wage.  Unite Shop Steward Ste Cunningham stated that "Drivers are only asking for 3%, in line with inflation, but management keep coming back with lower offers.  We've been in negotiations since April, but Management refuse to make an offer we can recommend to our members."  The strike is solid across Merseyside and Cheshire, Ste informed us, with Managers attempting to run one service in Winsford, without much success.

Many passengers were unaware of the strikes, as Arriva has done little, if anything, to inform them.  Runcorn has a dedicated bus route around the Town which is heavily used and by failing to communicate with passengers, Arriva has failed in its duty to them.  Public support in Halton is high for the drivers, and the strikes planned for the next few weeks are expected to go ahead.

Halton's working community is slowing being squeezed dry by a combination of Dutch & German owned Bus & Rail companies & the tolls on the newly opened Mersey Gateway Bridge controlled by Spanish Conglomerate Abertis With prices sure to rise across the borough & wages stagnating already, hard times are ahead for more than just the Bus Drivers.

Ste Armstrong 


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