Arriva £3.3 billion profit

So far this year Arriva has £3.3 billion in sales profit and £368 million in operating profit across Europe, this is nothing new for the transport company with their sales profit and operating profit in 2015 being £4.28 billion and £464 million respectively. Currently Arriva employs 16000 bus drivers and mechanics who have a basic pay of £22500 per year the 3% pay rise that their employees are asking for wouldn’t even reduce their profits by 1%, yet they are refusing to budge despite the fact that many of its employees are facing a real terms pay cut due to inflation rising to 3%.
With the profits that Arriva are making they could end the atrocious wages that they have their drivers and mechanics operating under and still make large profits.
For this reason I believe that the British government needs to renationalise the transport industry, with a government in control of the transport industries and not a business, profits can be better distributed and give the employees of the transport industry a fair pay.


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