Support to retain the guards on Merseyrail.

Instead of sitting on the fence metro mayor Steve Rotheram and city mayor Joe Anderson should be supporting the  RMT in their fight to retain the guards on Merseyrail. If these 'leaders" had shown one ounce of the determination that the guards have shown then Arriva would be isolated and probably would have settled the dispute by now. The mayors appear to be trying their utmost to cut across the unity of workers on the trains and buses who are both taking action against Arriva one over pay and the other over safety. The RMT has clearly shown that it is not opposed to the new trains,and in fact welcome them.If the mayors bothered to consult the people who use the trains on a daily basis they would have found that over 80% of those asked wanted to keep the guards because of the safety critical role that they provide particularly in the event of accidents being able to evacuate the train in a safe manner,isolate the live rail ect. and of course help prevent attacks which have been shown to increase dramaticaly when the guard is removed. So the mayors have a duty as elected members to do everthing in their power to ensure the safety of their constituants and not pander to the private companies who are only interested in maximising their profits.These disputes highlight the need for tranport on trains and buses to be brought back into public ownership that is what the mayors should be fighting for so instead of the profits of £464 million going to Arrivas shareholders they could be used to improve the rail and bus networks in the region.

Frank Bowen


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