Ken Dodd campaigned for the Tories

Mr Marsdens letter tries to distort and rewrite history in his attack on Derek Hattons column my shout 15/03/18.The fact that Ken Dodd campaigned for the Tories in the eighties does not detract from the fact that he was well liked as  a comic and that he was a high profile charity fund raiser . But i also think that Derek was justified in highlighting Kens support for the Thatcher government which everyone will remember was attacking Liverpool and other city,s by removing hundreds of millions of pounds from the rate support grant which would have a devestating effect on ordinary working class people in this city,After years of factory closures with over 70,000 manufacturing jobs lost ie Tate&LYyle,Dunlops,English elec,Plessy.Standard Triumph,Metal Box and many many more !! Liverpool council made a stand against Thatcher to try and stop this decline and won a famous victory against the odds with the return of over £162 million that had been stolen by her goverment. This enabled the council to build over 5000 houses and bungalows for rent,and also 5 new sports centres plus a wholelot more regeneration schemes which employed over 10,000 building workers!! They could not have acheived this without the mass support of Liverpool workers. I can remember 65,000 marching to the town hall with the city,s 5 Labour MPs at the front of the march   {Eric Heffer,Eddie Lloyden,Terry Fields.Bob Parry,& Bob Wareing } and most of the Labour councillors as well including John Hamilton,Derek Hatton,Tony Mulhearn,Tony Byrne . And Mr Marsden is totally wrong about the old chestnut of redundancy notices,because no council worker was made redundant in fact the council recruited 300 apprentices which took the council workforce to over 31,000 !! compared to todays workforce of less than 6,000 !! What had been built in bricks and morter still stands today as a testament of that struggle and all those who participated in it.Todays councils need to campaign in the same fighting tradition to defend their communities from the savage cuts being inflicted by this government instead of meakly implementing them.
Frank Bowen


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