Break the law not the poor

Thirty years ago 47 Liverpool Labour councillors were sacked by 5 unelected law - Lords. They refused to implement the austerity programme of the Tory government led by Margaret Thatcher. Promoting socialist policies to defend jobs and  services against a backdrop of mass unemployment and a sever housing crisis,the Labour council were overwhelmingly supported and elected each year by the people of Liverpool. Their record shows that they built 5,000 homes, 6 new child nurseries, 3 new parks and 5 new sports centres. They created 12,000 jobs and froze council rents for 5 years. 
Defending the people of Liverpool from these cuts provoked the wrath of the Thatcher government, who then used the unelected District Auditor and the Law Lords to surcharge and expel each councillor from office. Public Donations from trade unions, the people of Liverpool and the wider Labour movement,paid their fines, which prevented bankruptcy and imprisonment. 

Our aim is to commemorate the 47 councillors and the thousands who supported them with a plaque that will be unveiled this year for permanent display in Liverpool.

Please consider contributing to this initiative. The plaque will say “this plaque was funded by the Labour movement”


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