The latest Corbyn attacks

The latest attacks on Jeremy Corbyn over alleged anti-Semitism are nausiating. When he has a lifelong history of fighting racism in all its forms ,you only have to listen to his speeches at the recent cable street rally which showed his real disgust at anti-Semitism and islamaphobia. I see these attacks as a smokescreen by the Blairite majority of MPs who have never accepted him and never will because they are opposed to him politically and of course they are aided and abetted by the tory press and media.But its not just Jeremy thats under attack.its the anti austerity programme that he represents that lies behind these latest schemes to smear and discredit him.The ruling class are terrified at the prospect of Labour implementing socialist policies in the interests of the majority and will use every dirty trick in the book to undermine him. The pro capitalist wing of the Labour party was rocked to its foundations by the double leadership election victories Corbyn achieved with nearly 70% of the vote. After years of tory lite policies by Blair Brown Milliband ect. people wanted a real alternative to improve their lives and Corbyn provided that alternative with a limited programme in the interests of the many.To the amazement of lots of the Blairites Mays majority was slashed and has to rely on the DUP to keep her in office!! And when you consider that lots of Labour MPs refused to campaign for the manifesto during the election,with some on the right openly attacking it !! The irony is its the same MPs in his own party that are attacking him now instead of turning their fire on the Tory enemy who are continuing with their attacks on working class people.Its time these Labour MPs where subject to recall and democratic re-election procedures.

Frank Bowen


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