TUSC....candidates selection for Knowsley, Liverpool, Halton and Wirral

Dear all,
TUSC is running seven candidates in selected seats across the 'city region', in Halton, Knowsley, Liverpool, and Wirral. See below media statement we've sent out this morning, please share as widely as possible, it's on 
our Facebook page too.
We're having publicly-announced campaign days in some of the wards, including Sat 21st in Liverpool Kirkdale and Sat 28th in Wirral Bidston & St James. Can you help us campaign, on those dates or another time?
Can you make a donation? If you live in one of the wards we're contesting, would you put up an election poster? 
If the answer to any of these is yes, we're looking forward to hearing from you!
Hugh Caffrey,
on behalf of the TUSC candidates.

TUSC stands across ‘city region’, responds to Tory “move on” slurs
Anti-austerity socialist party the Trade Unionist & Socialist Coalition is fielding seven candidates across Merseyside as part of a targeted national challenge in this year’s local elections. TUSC is standing in seats to highlight its anti-austerity policies, particularly on Merseyside in relation to the Merseyrail guards and the cuts to local public services. 
TUSC candidates are standing against several Labour councillor members of the Transport Committee which voted to remove the guards from the trains, including West Derby ward in Liverpool and Halton Brook ward in Runcorn/Halton. 
Responding to the Tory slurs about Liverpool needing to move on from the 1980s, TUSC candidate Roger Bannister for Liverpool Kirkdale said:
“The Tories have got a cheek telling us to move on from the 1980s when their party devastated areas like Merseyside, when their government now is trying to return us to the 1930s! I am proud to have played a role in the 1980s when Liverpool’s socialist council stood up to the Tory government, and I believe we need councillors willing to do so now, when we face an even greater assault on what’s left of our public services, housing, NHS, and so on. 
“It’s quite clear that the overwhelming majority of Labour councillors have no intention of standing up to Teresa May, in fact more of them seem willing to attack their own leader Jeremy Corbyn than to resist the Tory government! That’s why I and my colleagues in TUSC are standing in selected seats at this May’s elections.”
TUSC candidates are as follows:
Halton, Halton Brook, Ste Armstrong, local assembly line operator, anti-tolls campaigner and Unite the Union rep, standing against Labour cllr John Stockton a leading member of the Transport Committee 
Knowsley, Shevington, Neill Dunne, local taxi driver who gained over 10% of the vote last time standing for the first time, in a two-horse race against Labour incumbent
Liverpool, Kirkdale, Roger Bannister, lifelong trade unionist, stood previously for mayor and city region mayor as well as Kirkdale ward. Labour constituency secretary for Militant-supporting Labour MP Terry Fields during the 1980s.
Liverpool, West Derby, Ann Walsh, lifelong trade unionist, standing against Labour cllr Pam Thomas of the Transport Committee
Wirral, Bidston & St James, Warwick Roberts, RMT union rep for Merseyrail guards, recently on strike
Wirral, Rock Ferry, Mark Hazlehurst, taxi driver and Unite the Union branch equalities officer
Wirral, Upton, John Murray, postal worker and health & safety rep for Communication Workers’ Union
Candidates can be contacted for comment c/omerseysidetusc@gmail.com

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